A quick recap of development!

Here we uncover what happened behind the curtain until this point!
So let’s start with origins. The idea for Godly Corp and first prototype was made for Game Jam called Ludum Dare.

Godly Corp - Ludum Dare

Everything was made from scratch under 48 hours (except audio and some textures). According to scores, Godly Corp did great and many players liked the humor and unusual game mechanics. At this point we knew that there is potential in this game and we decided to give Godly Corp a shot! After a week or two we had the first prototype of new Tentacle!

Godly Corp - Ludum Dare

Few weeks fast forward and we had new mechanics such as: picking up objects and using them, box deliveries, wall that opens, kawaii murder robots and many more.

Day by day Godly Corp looked fuller and was getting new mechanics and assets.

Next step was polishing, we improved existing mechanics and added new ones like AI voice (Glados inspired) that tells you what to do. Godly Corp was significantly upgraded graphically, especially our protagonist (that is tentacle) got a major graphical upgrade.

Godly Corp - New

With all elements in place, we started doing the levels where each day is a new challenge. It took a lot of time to design levels in such a way that player isn’t lost and knows what to do without drowning in text. First levels teach player mechanics. Day 1 lets player play with the tentacle and get used to controls. Second day shows how to pick up items and introduces delivery box. And Day 3 shows that that there is no way you are going to predict what is going to happen in next level. And that’s how three first days serve as tutorial and set the general idea of the game in player’s head.

So here is the newest trailer. Before watching it take a quick look at the images above and keep in mind how much have changed 🙂


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