The challenge of new mechanics in every level

One of the most exciting things that Godly Corp has to offer is that  every level is different. Each day you get a new challenge with new rules. As fun as it sounds it was really difficult to design game in a way that player doesn’t need a long, boring tutorial. Especially when game mechanic with tentacle is pretty innovative on it’s own.


Before you actually start playing, you get to read the instructions and play around as long as you want before you press the start button. And pressing the button is a mini test-tutorial on it’s own as you need to be able to somehow control the tentacle.

Preparation Phase


First level teaches you how to use tentacle to hit things (throwing bugs away) and how to rotate the planet (WASD or arrow keyes). Second level introduces pick-able objects. Third level teaches you that some objects have primary actions. And so first levels teach new basic mechanics that are later reused in next levels.

Still every level has different rules that player can learn from ‘preparation phase’. That isn’t enough on it’s own especially since some levels have little twists that change the rules of the game. That’s why there is GLADOS inspired AI that gives you hints, warns you and all of that with a slightly sarcastic sense of humor.

AI subs

The AI also give some backstory to the world and in some levels is the only indicator of how well are you doing.

Thanks to all these things player doesn’t feel lost and can enjoy hectic nature of the game. One day you are fighting with murder robots while sitting behind the desk and next day you are in the space protecting bigger planets from meteorites. And that is just the beginning…



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