We are going to SPAAAAAAAACE!

Small updates on new levels! First let’s travel to the SPAAACE!

Level begins as usual at your desk, in your familiar environment. But right after pressing the start button, you hear engines around you, everything starts shaking and soon enough the whole environment changes.


In this level you complete two objective simultaneously. You have to build a planet on you desk from parts that are flying in zero gravity around your cockpit. At the same time you must protect the big planet in the background from incoming meteorites by shooting them down with your laser. This level is quite a challenge but also ton of fun. As you have to connect correct planet parts, glue and hammer it, your cockpit becomes a beautiful, floating chaos.

Second level is a twist on the “Five Nights at Freddy’s”.


You are working ‘alone’ in the dark office. As always you take care of some planet but other than that there is something in the office. Something that you don’t want to let get close to you. You must observe cameras and when you see ‘it’ getting close, use “Rattle Device 9000” to scare it away. It’s a spooky, scary level. You are going to love it! : )

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