Earth is flat, here is the definitive proof (not really)

It’s time for another level update!

Let’s start with the level that touches the subject that is so close to our hearts. What is the shape of that planet we live on. In this level you must make sure that inhabitants of the planet that you take care of, don’t know that it’s flat. You will have to use portals to maintain the illusion, teleport planes and rotate them to make sure that the won’t fly too far and crash. You will have to knock down the space shuttles and satellites that they are launching. It’s a fun, multitasking level that will challenge your tentacle abilities and make you laugh.


Flat Planet


Next level is your classic take on Two Planets – One God scenario. It’s similar to Level 2 – Laser and Shaker where you had to use laser pistol to burn out the infestation on the planet. In this level you do the same thing but you don’t have to charge the laser and you take care of two planets. You will be forced to quickly move laser hanging above planets and switching laser type to burn out infestation. You will get slowly overwhelmed but remember that you just have to hold out until the end of your shift. Good luck 😉

Two Planets


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