Ufo and Music time!

Another week (we don’t count the easter-egg week), another levels to show. So let’s get right into it.

First you will be able to prove how good of a musician you are. After all you put that on your resume when applying to Godly Corp, right? You have to play correct sequences on the cello using your fiddlestick. Every time you play a sentence, happiness raises and you must reach minimum level before the end of the shift. To spice things up, you will need to take care of any ‘distractions’ that are influencing planet inhabitants. So in short, use your woobly arm to play on cello while occasionally whacking the radio or picking up the phone. Sounds like usual Thursday to me.


Another level is similar to the ‘robbery’ level, where you had to shot robots that breached security in Godly Corp. This time intruders are more agile and harder to hit. Little Ufo ships are just swarming your office. You need to shoot them down before they get too close and… well shoot you. This time you will be taking care of planet that suffers from narcolepsy. You need to whack it with hammer from time to time just to keep the inhabitants on their toes. There is also some big (and i mean BIG) surprise in this level, but i will leave that to you to discover.

Shooting Ufo

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