Tri-Update! Steam beta test, Game jam and new graphics!


It’s been some time since the last post so let’s get right into it and dump here the most important stuff.

First of all, we have a working Steam build ready for testing. We already received a lot of great feedback from fresh testers. You can even watch the whole VOD from first time player that finished all 11 levels:

All of our testers provided us with valuable info and after few days we had our first update:
Preparation Phase

Second segment: we participated in another game jam. This time it was Ludum Dare and the theme was “Combine two incompatible genres”. We made hectic shooter combined with ‘golf like’ movement mechanics. Game is called “Slide or Die”, you might recognize some models that are reused from Godly Corp ; )

Here is gameplay:


And if you want to play, here is the link to Ludum Dare game page

Third segment: Graphical renewal! Game has new, minimalistic logo

Preparation Phase

And all textures displayed on Info Board in game are redone. Now they are more futuristic and definitely better looking

Preparation Phase



Well, that’s not everything that has been done since the last update but there is no point in getting bogged down in every detail. We promise to make next posts more regularly ; )

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