Demo is out! IndieGoGo campaign started!

We released demo on with three playable levels! So far 2000 people played it and so far players are pretty happy with the game. A lot of YouTubers made videos about Godly Corp demo. We got a decent exposure from that and a lot of useful feedback!

Godly Corp on YT


You can play it here:

We also recently launched our IndieGoGo campaign. Hopefully with the funds that we will manage to raise, we will be able to start the development on VR version of Godly Corp. A lot of our rewards let you have influence on the game, you could have your picture in the game, or your song, or even give an idea for one of the levels!

Check out our campaign here:

There was a lot going on since last update but we managed to make another prototype for next level. This time you will be on another space adventure. You have to take care of planet by keeping the bug population low and you will be also repealing enemy fleet from overrunning your’s corporation sector.


Space Bugs


And that’s it for now, see you next time!

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