No GoGo and Graphical update all around

Let’s start with the not so great news. Since the IndieGoGo campaign didn’t reach it’s goal, for now the VR port for Godly Corp will be suspended. However if enough people will want to play Godly Corp in VR, there is a chance that we will make the port someday.

During the campaign, we raised 315$ which will be spent on Godly Corp to add extra polish and levels. Thanks to all supporters and people who shared the campaigns with others!

So what progress was made in the meantime? The main focus was on the graphical update. A lot of assets were updated or remade complete. A lot of post processing effects were also added. It’s still work in progress but here is a small comparison and preview.


The UI is also under heavy rework. Changing the style and color pallet to match the game’s style.


On other news, the demo on got really a lot of traction, even Markplier did the video on Godly Corp

Space Bugs


Thanks to all the YouTube videos we received tons of feedback, and we fixed a lot of issue that the demo has. We also ran more closed beta tests and got a lot of new perspective and data. Here is a patch note from the latest game update:

Patch Notes

And that’s most of the important stuff, stay tuned for the next irregular update!

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