Back on track and ready to go!

Long time no see, but in the meantime the progress has been made!

Actually a lot of progress, all Godly Corp levels are ready! Let’s start with the level 14 where you you have to play the memory game called “Simon Says” and at the same time keep all the bombs in check and make sure that they won’t explode. A lot is going on and happening in this level, you will be overwhelmed with multitasking and exercising your memory at the same time… and some maybe some other surprises.

Simon Says

Level 15 – The test. Without spoiling too much, you will have to use all of the skills you have learned in the previous levels and your office environment will be changing rapidly.


Besides that, now we have Leaderboards! You can compete with everyone else and see who is the best employee!


In the meantime most of the bugs that testers reported, have been fix. Most levels had some balance changes and now ‘Hard’ difficulty is available for all levels.

So… now that most of the game is ready, we will be still working on some bugs and polishing. The marketing campaign by the publisher is going to start soon and maybe next update will be announcing when Godly Corp is going to come out! Stay tuned and see ya next time.

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